Sunday, June 19, 2011

and to round things out...

and here's the last batch of stuff I'm gonna upload here today. hoping to update more consistently in the future.
one day, I say today, we live as a lion. so yeah this is Zack de la Rocha, best known for being the frontman of Rage Against the Machine
drawing of a character in my comic. cute turtle thingy named Starbuck.
same drawing, but with INK!   

(A drawing for a comic I'm starting on called Madbar Marauder. Still not entirely out of the thumbnailing/preliminary steps yet, but it's moving along nicely.) The Madbar Engineer-Thieves took great pride in their brand of robbery, which they viewed as an art form. They used innovative technologies which even the most cutting-edge security systems struggled to keep up with. They looked at face-mask-and-pistol gas station robbers as amateurs, the mediocre pop stars of the crime world who forever drowned in obscurity after their brief blips in the news, where their robberies left no injuries, or indeed any trace that they were ever there. Despite their lofty views of their own work, however, the small fortress in which they resided was decidedly modest. Perhaps they simply wanted a "den of iniquity" untethered by the riches they could gather at the drop of a hat. Perhaps it was to maintain secrecy. Or, perhaps this gave them the ability to go nomadic, should the need arise.
At the center of the robberies was usually one golden-haired rogue named Mirabelle. She wore an almost constant impish grin, and had a fire in her eyes befitting only of a troublemaker. Yet, there was much about her to be liked. To her friends, she was as kind and compassionate a soul as they had ever known, even taking into her care a small destitute turtle... thingy. She simply held very high standards for everything in her life, which explains why her days of boredom could only be remedied by theft, why her few relationships tended to end explosively and suddenly, and why blueprints for gadgets in her department of thievery stacked to the ceiling, while she had only built around ten of them.
Zack de la Rocha again. what can I say, the man's fun to draw.

huskystarcraft doodles

so yeah. if you've noticed it's been a while since I updated. so there's gonna be a butt-ton of stuff flowing in here today, of all different varieties. this post I'll share with you the doodles I did for HuskyStarcraft's forum, (basically Husky is a commentator for the video game Starcraft who I watch pretty religiously, despite the fact that I'm not even good at Starcraft), and the stuff he says while casting is often SO LULZY that I must draw it. kinda wanna do more at some point but here's what I've done thus far (for Starcraft outsiders... you probably shouldn't even try to "get" the "jokes")
The Terrans have a unit called the Marauder which looks a bit like a football player.
Husky's beloved car was recently broken into, so he should probably invest in some static defense.
Husky has a habit of calling the Protoss Fleet Beacon a "Fleet Bacon." which to me sounds like a delicious breakfast chain.
the miniature icon of the Zerg Mutalisk totally looks like a T-Rex. go look.
Zerg player Spanishiwa spares no expense to ensure the safety of his Drones!
taking unit quotes out of context is an important part of life
Overlords in ZvZ games are downright chummy, passing by each other or even hanging out together. how adorable.
Husky's most beloved "character," Pylo the Pylon who was tragically cut down in his prime. This is probably my most well-known drawing... ever so far, haha. Husky made it his profile pic and thus far it has garnered 1,231 "likes" on his Facebook page. hm.
when Queens hog ramps to block incoming enemy scouts, what else are they supposed to do besides knit sweaters for their children?