Monday, April 4, 2011

bogus recycled bogus

Recently got a dirt-cheap recycled paper sketchbook, been doing some little charcoal thingies. generally 20 minutes or so, except for the... decent ones, heh. More to come probably

Ryan Ridley of the Grandma's Virginity Podcast (GVP). for want of a better term the "straight man" of the show.

Psychic Abilities is a character from GVP who can predict the future, and also spits mad rhymes like nobody's business.

Tom Morello. quite the guitarist, that man

what's a new sketchbook without a little failure?

Justin Roiland, the main buffoon behind GVP.


Jackie Buscarino, of GVP. BAMBI EYES

done in figure drawing class. about 30 minutes... highlights look funny. wouldn't complain if I got a new scanner

and of course, what would experimentation be without Mirabelle, my favorite engineer? (still working on comic still working on comic still working on comic)