Thursday, October 20, 2011

a few drawrings

It's been a month, geez! Well, here's a smidgeon of the work I've been doing since. Emphasis on "smidgeon." That's the thing about art school, you end up drawing quite a bit!

rough of an illustration project for... um, illustration. basically, to make a poster for a band. Radiohead aren't exactly known for sticking to one sound, so I went for the general trend they've been following, which has been more on the ethereal, ambient side.  
another illustration project, this time depicting a fairy tale. I picked Pinocchio, and decided to robotify everything. et voila.
Mirabelle, woot! speaking of the comic, it's coming along. actually really digging the way it's turning out, once I get a decent start I'll put some up.
watercolor portrait for Media class of a lady named Andrea